As you know, the costs of attracting and retaining staff are enormous. The cost of medical insurance and sick time are enormous too.

You owe it to your business, not to mention your employees and their families, to do everything reasonable to facilitate healthy lifestyles for your staff.

Insurances, wellness plans for physical and emotional well being, are well utilized in progressive businesses. Ergonomic office furniture has become the norm and for good reason.

If you are fitting up office space from scratch, or refitting a whole space, it will cost very little extra to install adjustable standing desks instead of traditional models. You are buying desks anyway, the extra cost will be minimal and from you may well find the cost is significantly less than other suppliers. Significantly.

If you hire or retain one good employee as a result of having a modern office with adjustable standing desks, if one employee stays healthier longer because of the health benefits then that alone will easily repay any extra costs incurred.

Think about it.