Stand and be Healthy


Adjustable standing desks are the most healthy and most convenient way to work or craft, or ….

We have here a great selection of desks available from Amazon. There are any number of places to buy these but Amazon certainly has the best, most varied, selection.

There are two basic types of adjustable standing desks. Those that have the whole desktop raise and lower as needed and the those that adopt an existing desk with the ability to either be used sitting or standing. The former are generally more expensive but work better, at least for me, and certainly look more professional in an office setting.

A related option is what we call the laptop cart and it is a standalone, adjustable unit that has enough room for a laptop and not much else. These can be really handy for small spaces, casual use in the home, while watching TV for instance. units that support work in bed are also available.

It appears that buying a manufactured one is the better option than DIY. At first, it seems that it should not be that hard to cobble together a standing desk but when you look around at the plans and suggestions on the Internet the results are discouraging. DIY adjustable options are rare and often use parts that cost as much as a desk itself, to me at least they are either hokey or expensive.

I am not a fan of convertible desks as a complete substitute solution; if you really want a fully adjustable, real desk, then bite the bullet and buy one. I have seen installations of convertible units work well when it is used as part of an overall workstation setup. One that worked well was where the owner did most of his work on paper on the desk; when he needed to use the computer he would stand at the raised convertible unit and work there. That way he had pretty much the full use of the desk but the computer was handy when needed.

People buy regular desks because other options just do not seem to work as well; standing desk options are the same.

The full standing desk is a really a cool piece of kit and helps immensely in being comfortable in your work, and they look good. Your coffee, your monitor and keyboard all raise and lower together so you are not always having to move everything.

Prices range from not much more than $100 to many hundreds; let your budget and your needs decide. But if you can afford it, buy the biggest desk that is sensible for you, buy a full desk, fully adjustable, and pay the extra for a motorized mechanism. It is pretty expensive, but you will love it. Your friends and co-workers will be jealous.