Joki Japanese Design Standing Desk With Adjustable Height | Durable & Stylish Two-Tier Design Stand Up Desk Converter Topper | For Laptop TV Monitor Mouse Keyboard | Ergonomic & Lightweight Desk Riser

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Finally, A High Tech Adjustable Standing Desk For The Office & Home!

Are you sick and tired of leading a sedentary lifestyle and you need to take drastic measures? Do you hate poorly designed stand up desks that are difficult to adjust, jeopardizing your precious belongings?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have not only the most elegant desk but also a space saving one for you!

Find The Right Standing Posture & Alleviate Neck & Shoulder Pains

Did you know that sitting in front of a computer might cause chronic neck and back pains? Even worse increasing the chances of health risks that are associated with sitting all day long?

Research has proven that using a standing desk converter like ours, can highly benefit not only your health but your productivity levels.

Increase energy and productivity, feel good about yourself again and decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and even cardiovascular diseases.

Burn More Than 50 Calories Per Hour While Working On This Desk Riser Workstation

What would you say if we told you that you can burn more than 50 calories while standing in front of Joki standing desk and doing your job? Pretty awesome right?

Our primary goal is to create a healthy, comfortable, functional and lightweight stand up desk converter, without compromising style. And we surely did it!

The Joki standing desk reflects modern, hi-tech design with clean lines. There are no springs, screws or unsightly metal bars to interfere with the desk's design aesthetics.

Perfect for the office, at home, hotel receptions, company lobbies, room conferences, restaurant entrances and so many other places!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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Product Features

PREMIUM CONVERTIBLE STANDING DESK TABLE: If you are looking for effective and affordable ways to convert your sit down desk into a standing up one, then we got you covered. We have cleverly designed the ultimate standing desk that will satisfy even the most demanding workstation needs and ameliorate your working standards to the fullest! Choose among our fashionable colors, red, yellow, orange, green, blue and white and decorate the office or study room like never before! DURABLE & INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION DESK RISER: Forget all those cheaply made standing desks that would lose shape and put your devices in a sliding danger and trust our sturdy and well-crafted adjustable stand up desk. Made from a three-layered, closed-cell polyethylene foam inner layer and rigid high-density polyethylene outer layer we can assure you that this desk is here to stay. FULLY 4 HEIGHT POSITIONS ADJUSTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your working desk and healthy standing posture. We have meticulously designed this desk to have four different height adjustable positions for both the work surface and the monitor surface. Its height is adjustable to best fit users between 5'3" and 6'1". MULTIPURPOSE & LIGHTWEIGHT COMPUTER DESK STAND: Upon designing this standing desk, we tried to make it extremely multipurpose and easy to use. The upper working place will hold your monitor, TV or even your laptop whereas the spacious lower part can hold your mouse and keyboard, maybe a calendar and a notepad or the company's phone, your precious iPhone, a desk lamp and your morning coffee of course! HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES: Are you sick and tired of messy and of poor design with tiring assembly standing desks? If so, then our fast and sweat free to install desk stand is the way to go. Under less than 5 minutes, with no screws and tools needed you will be enjoying your desk and improving your standing posture and your productivity as well.

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