Height Adjustable Standing Desk in Black is Perfect Stand Up Desk. Smooth Gas Spring Monitor Riser Goes From Sit to Stand in an Instant. 23.5" Desktop, Dual Tier, Solid Anti Slip Bottom, Durable

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Superior Design Sit Stand Desk Supports Back, Legs, Neck; Doctors and Chiropractors say one of the most often cited problems for people who work at a desk is back, leg, arm, and neck pain. Very often the solution is a quality sit and stand-up desk. This desk represents a state of the art solution that lets you instantly adjust from sitting down to your perfect, custom stand up height. Dual Tier Gives You 2 Levels and Lots of Space ; Our designers cleverly created this desk so you get a lot of desk space for keyboard, books, papers, mouse and much more. We even include a FREE Wrist Pad to keep your arm at just the right angle for pain and injury free work. The desk surface measures 23.5" x 15.5". The top level supports just about any sized monitor including a 2 monitor set-up. Smooth, Easy Transition From Sitting to Standing; You simply press the release and the desk smoothly rises up to the exact height you want or lowers back down. We use a Smooth Gas Spring mechanism that works perfectly with almost no effort. No pulling, tugging, and frustrated grunting to get your desk into position. Simply press the lever and effortlessly guide your desk to just the right height. Minimum height 6" and maximum height 17 .5" from the desk surface.

Product Features

PREMIUM SIT / STAND DESK lets you have the ultimate flexibility. Sit then squeeze the pressure handle to raise from 6 inches to 17.5 inches. Now you're standing. Easy it goes with the strong, durable, very smooth Spring Force adjuster. Minimum height 6" and maximum height 17 .5" from the desk surface. ROOMY WORK AREA measuring a BIG 23.5 inches x 15.5 inches. One of the drawbacks of other stand-up desks is they don't have much actual desk space. Not this one! It's got plenty of room for papers, books, cups of coffee, you name it! ERGONOMIC 2 TIER is very practical and keeps your back, neck, and legs feeling great even when working all day at your desk. Lower level is for your keyboard with upper level for monitor. Lots of space even for a dual monitor. Also works great with a laptop and monitor. Wrist Pad included. WON'T SLIP OR SCOOT thanks to the anti-slip bottom of the base. This protects your desk while the substantial base keeps everything vibration free and rock steady. Easy to move. The desk is just 30 pounds total. Small footprint takes up very little actual floor space just 19.5" x 19..5" DURABLE AND MADE TO LAST thanks to the steel bottom and support structure. Quality wood for the desk with sturdy connectors and the super smooth adjust mechanism. This is quality furniture you will be able to use for years to come. Your back, legs, neck, and arms will thank you for the better ergonomic support given with a superior sit and stand desk.

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