Ergomax Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Dual Motor (Grey)

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The Finest Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Dual Motor Base That Will Make Studying & Working Productive:
Your health and body posture become an issue if you happen to spend a lot of time in front of a computer and at your desk. The solution is our easily affordable electric height adjustable desk frame which allows you to switch from sitting to standing in mere seconds.
An Electric Height Adjustable Base That Makes our Healthier:
Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. Our electric height adjustable desk with a dual motor table frame allows you to easily transition from sitting to standing. Customize it to the height that is right for you to improve your productivity and reduce fatigue caused by static postures.
Customize Your Own Desk:
Don’t compromise with anything less than perfection. Ergomax Office offers a variety of height adjustable desk frames and tops for you to customize your own desk. Choose the color, the size and the material you like. Is it a marble desk, a wooden table top or a glassy surface? You name it and our table base will hold it in the perfect position. Customize it to your preferences.
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Key Features/Bullet Points:

THE ULTIMATE ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SIT-STAND DESK DUAL MOTOR BASE: This electric height base has a maximum height of 49? (1.45cm) and minimum height of 27? (0.6cm). It is an ideal solution for a standing office desk or a sitting at home table. This frame will fit naturally in any given space thanks to its sleek and discreet design.

FOUR PROGRAMMABLE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT MEMORY PRESENT FOR QUICK ADJUSTMENTS: With Its four programmable height adjustable controller, it will allow you to raise and lower your existing work surface and monitor throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand. It is easily adjustable from sitting to standing and vice versa as it is done electronically. This frame is equipped with a four programmable height adjustable controller that can be removed and stored for your convenience.

AMELIORATE YOUR WHOLE POSTURE WITH THIS SUPERIOR TABLE FRAME: We at Ergomax Office, we have cleverly designed this adjustable height frame to serve all of your daily needs and most of all to keep your body and posture, safe and sound. It is scientifically proven that working on an adjustable desk can improve your productivity and increase your stamina levels. Improve your posture and productivity with our height adjustable desks.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION FOR LONG LASTING PERFORMANCES: This electric height adjustable standing desk with a dual motor comes with a four programmable controller base made from durable materials. We can guarantee that it will provide you great comfort upon using and facilitate your work to the fullest. Choose between our black, gray & white frame and enjoy this electric adjustable height base for the many years to come.

AN ADJUSTABLE BASE WITH GREAT WIDTH, 1 YEAR HASSLE FREE WARRANTY: If you are looking for supreme results at work or at home, we proudly present you this electric height adjustable base. Its maximum width is 64? (1.63cm) and its minimum width is 41? (1.04cm) allowing a variety of different sized tables. This product comes with a 1 year hassle free warranty. Just contact customer service.

Product Features

Made of steel for superior durability Requires assembly Modern-style desk

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